Recreational Fencing

Signature Fence Company of Richmond is an expert when it comes to working on recreational fence projects. We have experience in installing fencing for Baseball Fields, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools, Parks, Golf Courses, and Stadiums.

Chain Link Fence products have been the standard in recreational fencing for years and it does not look like it will be changing anytime soon. For most recreational departments such as Baseball Fields and Tennis Courts remain with the Chain Link Fence. With advances in the Chain Link Fence products recreational departments are now able to choose from a multitude of different colors and grades of product. Whether your choice is Chain Link, Vinyl, Ornamental or Wood, Signature Fence of Richmond can help with your recreational fence project.

Baseball Fields – Dugouts, Backstops, Outfield Fencing

Tennis Courts – Tennis court fence enclosures

Swimming Pools – Semi-private, Privacy, Chain Link, Wood, Vinyl, Security Fencing

Parks– Security, Vinyl, Chain Link, Entrance Gates, Turnstiles, Wood

Golf Courses – Perimeter Fencing, Netting Panels, Chain Link, Wood, Vinyl

Stadiums– Security Fencing, Turnstiles, Traffic Control, Barriers


Galvanized Chain Link

Ten foot high galvanized chain link backstop

Ornamental Pool Enclosure

Public pool ornamental pool enclosure

Black Galvanized Chain Link

Black galvanized chain link outfield fence

Things to consider when choosing fencing:

For what will your fence be used for? What  is the application that you are choosing the fence for? Better security, additional privacy, containment, or aesthetics? This will help determine what fence type you are going to use.

What fence material should you choose? Determine the type of material your fence will be made out of. You can choose from chain link, wood, aluminum, steel and PVC. Different types of materials will result in different completion costs.

What grade of fence to choose? The grade of your fence will usually determine its durability. Will it be in a high traffic area, are their outside factors that will make the fence rust sooner, does it need to be able to take an impact etc….

Asking yourself some of these questions about your fencing needs can start to head you in the right direction in choosing your products.