Is a Wood Fence Right for You?

Is A Wood Fence Right For You?

One of the most aesthetically pleasing fence styles available is a wooden fence. Wood fencing gives a flexibility of different styles and can be suited to almost any need. There are several styles and materials to choose from. The biggest thing when deciding on whether or not a wood fence is right for you is the maintenance. A wood fence does require more maintenance than a vinyl or aluminum fence but is more cost effective on the front end.

There are a number of different styles of wood fence to choose from. Take some time to look at the different designs and find the right one for your application. Then understand that in order to keep your fence looking new you will have to provide some maintenance every two years. You should paint, stain or seal your fence every few years in order to get the best out of your fence. Be sure to pressure wash your fence before painting or sealing. This will help remove any loose debris that may have set in over the years.

A properly maintained fence can last up to thirty years. There are some companies out there that will provide maintenance on your fence for you. If you are looking for a fence in the Richmond VA area, please visit us at and give us a call to see how we can help you get your Signature Fence.