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 Tearing Down an Old Fence

Do you have an old fence that is on your property and is it time for it to be torn down? chances are good that portions of it are in bad shape or are falling down.  When tearing down your old fence there are many things that should be considered. Do I need a fence company, can I do it myself, will I need to rent a dumpster, what resources do I have, can I do it as safely as a fence company? The biggest things you will want to make sure of before you start your project is making sure you can do it safely, and covering any legal steps that may be involved.

This might sound ridiculous, but make sure the fence is yours to move. Some homeowners have had experiences where they knew that the fence was theirs, when in all actuality it was their neighbors. This normally happens after you have moved in to an existing home and the fence was already there that separates your yard and your neighbors. Other issues that can get you into trouble is if the fence was installed without a survey or city approval, so part of the existing fence is not on your property. Make sure to get proper surveys done, or contact a fence company to help.

Always call the local utility company before removing a fence. If you were not there when it was installed and it has been there a while, new cables could have been ran before you moved in, close to your fence posts, or there were existing lines when it was put in. Pulling up fence posts before calling your local utilities companies can result in taking the cable out for the whole neighborhood, the phone lines, and big fines.

Make sure that you have a plan when removing fence posts. If you are not the most handy individual or you just do not have the proper equipment, you may want to consider call on a fence company to come out and to give you an estimate. There are many out there that do the removal themselves to save a little on the front end, and that is absolutely fine. Just be sure to do it safely. A fence company can take it over once you are finished. If you are in need of assistance, give Signature Fence Company of Richmond a call and we will help you any way that we can.

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