Anti-Terrorism Contractor

Signature Fence Company of Richmond takes great pride in being able to provide Anti-Terrorism services. Being able to protect the most critical of areas in the federal marketplace is a privilege to us. We can provide any of the services listed below and we are an expert in K-Rated products.


Barbed Wire | Anti-Climb Spikes | Razor Wire | High Security Systems | Turnstiles Gate Entrances | Anti-Ram Cable Systems

Reinforced Chain Link Fence | Anti-Terrorism Systems Barbed-Tape Helical Coil Toppings | Swing or Sliding Vehicle Gates

Lighting Systems | Closed Circuit TV Systems | Vehicle Access Control | Systems Access

Control Intrusion Detection Sensors (IDS) Turnstiles | Pedestrian Gates

Chain Link | Fence Gate Operators


Pop Up Bollards

Vehicle access control pop up bollards

Access Control

Flush mounted pop up vehicle access control

Anti Climb Fence

Correctional facility containment fence