Commercial Security Fence Contractor

Sometimes fence projects call for a more secure perimeter than your standard fence installation. Signature Fence Company has extensive experience in helping prisons, federal buildings, industrial plants, and manufacturers secure their property. We understand that these projects all have different requirements that must be met in order for the project to be completed correctly, from durability, timelines, budget costs and security grade, Signature Fence of Richmond can bring their expertise into the field to make sure the project is completed right the first time.

Signature Fence Company offers a number of different types of security fence installations

Barbed Wire – Can be used for temporary fencing and on top of perimeter walls and chain link fencing for added security

Anti-climb spikes – Designed to work in a variety of different ways. These can be added to perimeter walls, on top of security fencing and come in different styles

Razor barbed wire – Razor Wire a new take on Barbed Wire can be applied in the same applications but is used in more high security projects

High Security – Steel Fencing, Ornamental Anti Climb, Welded Wire Mesh, Anti Ram, Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, Turnstiles, Anti Terrorism, Vehicle Access and more…

Turnstiles– Entry Limitations, Asset Protection, Full Height, Waist Height, Optical

Gate Entrances – Pivot Point, Swing Gates, Slide Gates, Overhead, Barrier Gates

Anti Terrorism – Crash Rated Fencing, Crash Rated Barriers, Crash Rated Bollards, Anti Terrorism Cables

Signature Fence of Richmond is experienced in all types of containment situations from working with Correctional Facilities, Industrial Plants, Government Buildings, and Manufacturing Facilities. We look forward to bringing that expertise to your next project.


Anti Climb Fence

Anti climb fence with welded wire mesh

Security Fence

Security fence with anti climb spikes

High Security Fence

Anti climb mesh and razor ribbon fence