Clean a Wood Fence

How do I clean a Wood Fence?

Wood fences need to be cleaned and sealed or stained every once in awhile in order to keep them looking good and to protect the wood from cracking and warping. This is something a fairly handy homeowner can do themselves.

Your local hardware stores will carry a number of different fence cleaners. Some homeowners use bleach, but it can clog up your pressure washer if it is not cleaned out properly. Find a cleaner that best suits your application. Spray your fence with the cleaner either using your power washer or a spray bottle depending on your choice of application and allow the cleaner to remain on the wood for the recommended time from the manufacturer. Scrub the fence with a long handled scrub brush, or use a power pressure washer to remove the excess grime.

Pressure Washers can Damage Your Fence:

  • Do not use too high of a powered pressure washer
  • Use one of the wider spray tips, do not use high pressure.
  • Spray from at least a foot away.
  • Keep the wand moving constantly while cleaning.

Once your fence is clean you are now ready to bring it back to life.

Some choose to just seal their fence in order to preserve the natural wood look and others will want to stain it. In either case, you want to find a stain that at least has a five year warranty.

Make sure your fence is dry before application.

Using a roller is the recommended way of applying your stain

Once completed your fence is now protected from the elements again. Taking the time to clean your fence can save you thousand in the long run. Maintenance of the fence will keep it new and looking great, while saving you the heartache of having to replace it.