Privacy/Pool Fence


Privacy Fence Installer Richmond VA


Vinyl Privacy Fence

Is very popular due to the different colors that it comes in and the durability of the product. It can also be adjusted for the amount of privacy needed. So whether to be used to fence in your backyard or to give your pool full privacy, vinyl is a great choice.

Wood Privacy Fence

Installing a wooden privacy fence is a classic way to add privacy to your property. Wood fencing just like vinyl can come in a number of different styles and types. Wood privacy fences can be made from woods such as Cedar or if you want to get exotic, you can get a Bamboo wood fence. A wood privacy fence provides great security and can last a long time with proper setup and maintenance.


Semi-Privacy Fence Installer Richmond VA


Semi-Privacy Fence 

The pickets do not interlock, instead they are either placed one on top of the other or in a wave pattern. In doing this it allows for a small gap between the pickets leaving room for some light to pass in between them. This gives them the label of a semi-privacy fence. Many semi-privacy fences come with most of the features a full privacy fence can have, such as the material, maintenance, rails, lattice and weather resistance.


Common type of Semi-Privacy Fence:


6″ Wide Pickets

Available in common colors. These fences can also be made available with lattice and other accents.

3″ Wide Pickets

Three inch wide pickets are available in all your common colors. Just like six inch wide pickets they are also be available with lattice and other accents.


Wood Spaced Picket

Customizable wood spaced picket fences to meet your yard

Wood Privacy Fence

Wood privacy fence with French gothic posts and lattice topper

Spaced Picket

Spaced picket with convex cut

Pool Fence Installer Richmond VA


Having a fence around the pool is something that anyone that has young children should have. A pool fence provides protection from guests and children from accidentally falling into the swimming pool. There are many different types of pool fences to choose from and it can be a difficult decision. Let one of our professionals help you find the perfect pool fence to fit your needs based on your priorities, budget, and interests.Signature Fence Company of Richmond can help.

Wood Pool Fence 

Wood pool fencing is the most traditional. It offers privacy and depending on the design can be one of the most affordable choices. Wood Fencing comes in a number of different types of wood, and heights. A wooden pool fence is a durable choice when set up and treated correctly.

Ornamental Pool Fence

Ornamental pool fencing is an elegant way to fence in your pool. They are very durable and add a layer of protection from your pool. Ornamental fencing comes in a number of different designs and colors to enhance the look and feel of your pool area.

Vinyl Pool Fence 

Vinyl pool fencing is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pool fence. Vinyl is by far the most maintenance free and adds an upscale look to any pool area. Vinyl fencing is one of our most popular choices when it comes to pool fencing. There a lots of choices with vinyl, from picket fencing, semi-privacy fencing, privacy fencing, heights, colors, durability, post types, lattice, interlocking, and post toppers just to name a few. Let us help you through this process. Call Signature Fence Company of Richmond to schedule an on site estimate.


Ornamental Pool Fence

Ornamental core drilled into concrete

Vinyl Pool Fence

Six foot tall vinyl privacy fence

Black Ornamental Fence

Pool code compliant ornamental fence